Are Technology and Christianity Compatible?

This clip is taken from one of our live interviews which you can find here.

Stephen B. Clark’s 1980 book Man and Woman in Christ is by far the best treatment of gender and Christianity I’ve read. Clark’s approach is completely comprehensive, covering scripture, historic interpretations, modern interpretations, the social conditions of the early church, historic church practice, and findings from social science. He’s also the only person I know who truly grapples with the challenges to family life posed by industrialization and the rise of modern ideologies.

Unfortunately, Man and Woman in Christ has long been out of print. But that’s about to change. Warhorn Media is reissuing it in hardcover. Warhorn editor Joseph Bayly joins us to discuss this landmark book and its continuing significance for today.

Warhorn is doing a crowdfunding campaign at Fundly to raise money to pay for a proper hardcover printing. You can help bring this book back into print and get your own copy at 33% off retail price for a limited time at: https://fundly.com/clark

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