Experimental and Behavioral Economics – Gregarious Chant #3

What is experimental and behavioral Economics? Why have we been evaluating ACL tears and CTE potentially incorrectly? What’s it like to get a Ph.D.?

In this week’s episode of Gregarious Chant, I talk with Economist James Banovetz. We talk about what it’s like to go through a Ph.D. program. Then we dig into James’ research in behavioral and experimental economics. Finally, we finish the conversation by talking about common statistical issues with Agent Orange, CTE, The Gender Pay Gap, and ACL tears.

Dr. James Banovetz earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California Santa Barbara. He earned his MA from Montana State University. And he earned his undergraduate degree from Hillsdale College. All of his degrees are in economics. Please let me know in the comments if we get too technical in our conversation, or if it’s just right.

I enjoyed this conversation and hope you will too. I encourage you to like, subscribe, and comment on the show. It all helps as we try and grow The Masculinist.

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