Harry and Meghan in One Photo

Harry and Meghan are on the cover of Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. The cover photo has generated a lot of controversy.


Photos like this are always highly considered and intentional. There’s a lot we can see from it about how they want people to think about their relationship.

Meghan is in front in a posture with lots of “power pose” type elements. Power posing is typically about taking up space. We see she takes up more space in the picture than Harry. Her legs are slightly apart, elbows out, and even her hair parted and combed in a way to take up horizontal space.

Harry is taller than Meghan, but here he is seated to reduce his apparent height such that they are at an equal level.

Harry is also clinging on to her in a sort of “please don’t leave me” pose.

The image conveyed by this picture - and again at this level everything is highly considered and intentional - is that Meghan is the alpha or leader in this relationship and Harry the follower.

This seems to reflect substantial elements of how their relationship actually functions. Harry at least partially quit hunting because Meghan didn’t like it. He separated himself from his family and physically left the UK to follow to Meghan’s preferred locales in Canada and Los Angeles.

To each his (or her own). They can live however they want. It is just interesting to see how they communicate about the nature of their relationship. As high profile celebrities, the way they live will naturally be portrayed as aspirational for others.

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