Hating Neocons and Leo Strauss - Gregarious Chant #2

Who is Leo Strauss? He’s a political philosopher I’ve often heard mentioned, but don’t actually know much about. He’s often associated with Neoconservatism, so my natural reaction is to dislike him. It turns out I may have had the wrong impression on Strass.

In the latest episode of Gregarious Chant, I speak with Dr. John Peterson about conservative political philosopher Leo Strauss. We talk about his impact on conservatism, why neocons like him so much, and why everyone can like him. I learned a lot in this conversation. I learned that Leo Strauss is not the evil philosopher he’s made out to be. While I’m not overly convinced of everything he believes, I do see him as an ally for conservatism.

Dr. John Peterson is a Professor of Humanities and Graduate Director of American Studies at the University of Dallas. He’s written for the American Mind and many other publications. I’ve known Dr. John Peterson for years. He’s a good man and a smart man.

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