Masculinist Study: How Americans View Christians

With the election of Joe Biden and the Democrats gaining control of the executive and legislative branch, the American public made a choice for a party that is pro-abortion and is pro-LGBT. Both of these policy decisions go against orthodox Christian teachings. Seeing as how the majority of Americans voted for a party supporting anti-Christian teachings, last week The Masculinist commissioned a survey. The goal of the survey was to get a better understanding of how the world views Christianity.

There was one question asked on the survey. “Do you view Christianity as…” with the responses being Positive, Negative, Neutral, or Prefer Not to Say.

Below are the results.

Different Generations Have Different Opinions

Older Americans have a more positive view of Christian than younger Americans. This is perhaps not the most surprising result, but the difference is stark. The dark brown bar in the graph below shows the level of respondents that indicated they viewed Christianity as Positive. It starts high in respondents aged 65+ and rapidly declines until it is almost equal with Negative for respondents aged 18-24

Results by Age Bracket

A Majority of Millenials Do Not Have a Positive View of Christianity

Of Americans ages 18-34, only 30.31% of responders said they viewed Christianity as Positive. The answer with the largest portion of results was Neutral with 34.68%. With 22.16% of responders saying they viewed Christianity as Negative. Of all the respondents 12.85% opted to not say.

This is in line with current trends. Christianity has been in decline for several decades. However, while it has been in decline, the growing view that Christianity is negative is a relatively newer phenomenon. 

Results of Respondents Under 35

Americans Older than 35

The most interesting aspect of the survey is the clear difference between Millennials & Gen-Z and Gen-X & Baby Boomers. Older Americans are more likely to hold a positive view of Christianity than Americans under the age of 35. Within the 35 and up age bracket there were five times more Positive responses than Negative

Results of Respondents 35 and Older

Americans 35 and older have a significantly more positive opinion of Christianity. A majority of Americans older than 35 have a positive view of Christianity with 56.18% of respondents saying Positive. The portion of people in this age range that viewed Christianity as negative was only 9.4%, which is less than the portion of people who Prefer not to say at 9.7%. And 24.71% of people responded Neutral.


Results by Gender

There was little difference among the genders. Female responders had a slightly more positive view of Christianity than men with 25.41% a positive opinion compared to just 22.5%

To see more of how the data breaks down, check out the results here.

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