New YouTube Show - Gregarious Chant

I’m excited to announce a new show to The Masculinist YouTube channel. The show is hosted by me, Jon Elordi, and is called Gregarious Chant. It’s a relaxed interview show(think Joe Rogan) where I talk to interesting people about topics related to living as a Christian in today’s world.

The first guest is Clint Westbrook. Clint and I were roommates at Hillsdale College. Clint has since gone on to finish top of his class at Michigan State Univeristy Law School. He worked for one of Michigan’s most prestigious law firms and then gave it all up to work for a Christian company. All while having a family and being a good Christian.

We start the show by just sort of talking about life and religion. You’ll be able to tell we’re good friends because we do throw some barbs at each other regarding our religions. He’s protestant and I’m Catholic. Then about halfway through the show, we discuss what law school was like, how to act around the cops, and if a Christian can be a lawyer.

It’s a fun conversation and with some really great insights about Christian and the law. Great for anyone thinking about going to law school or if you know someone going to law school.

Hope you enjoy and please subscribe to The Masculinist YouTube Channel.

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