Personal Finance Video Series

The Masculinist aims to provide content that helps men in our current world. It is the central thesis on this site that we live in a negative Christian world. Being a Christian is counted against you by the culture at large. To survive in our current circumstances, having a firm grasp of personal finance is essential. With the help of Jeff Meyers, we started a Personal Finance YouTube playlist.

The playlist is part of The Masculinist YouTube channel.

Jeff has his CFP, FMVA, Series 7, and Series 66 licenses. He works in financial services. The man knows his stuff, and if there’s anything he doesn’t know, he’s more than willing to learn it and give his professional opinion. We have several episodes already recorded and have a road map to do many others. We’ll be releasing a video at a minimum once a week, but potentially more. A lot of it depends on topics and timing.

We start from the very basics. We want to meet men where they’re at, from the 15-year-old who knows nothing about personal finance to the savvy investor. So if you think some of the episodes are too simplistic, great. I encourage you to stick around as we continue to more advanced topics.

Furthermore, we’re open to questions. If there is a specific personal finance question you’d like answered, or if there is an area of personal finance you want us to cover, leave a comment here or on one of the videos. We will either address it directly in a future Q and A episode or add it to our road map of topics.

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