Resources for You: The Junior Classics Podcast

As a regular feature both here and in the newsletter, I want to start providing pointers to good complementary resources for you and your family.

Unless I explicitly say otherwise, none of these recommendations will be advertisements. They are just things I found or you sent me that may be of value. If you have resources to suggest, please send them my way.

Today’s resource is the Junior Classics podcast.

The Junior Classics were a ten-volume series of stories published by Colliers in 1912 that included volumes of fairy tales, heroic stories, nature, poetry, etc. In other words, classic, traditional, wholesome stories for youngsters.

Bradley Hasse has created an audio series called The Junior Classics Podcast (web site, Apple Podcasts) that includes high quality spoken word storytelling of these classic tales, plus vocabulary words to learn and a summary of the moral lesson of the stories. His goal is to instill a love of reading in children.

So if you have children and are looking for quality online audio material to share with them, check out the Junior Classics podcast.

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