The Crisis of Declining American Birth Rates (with Lyman Stone)

On February 23 I hosted a live conversation with economist and demographer Lyman Stone. We discussed falling birth rates in America and the world, and what they portend for our society. He talked about his research showing that this decline is not entirely driven by personal preferences and that in fact women are having fewer children than they desire. We covered everything from the impact of falling marriage rates and delayed marriage, the impact of stagnant male wages, childlessness vs. couples having fewer children, declining sperm counts and testosterone levels, and policy solutions to increase births in China, Hungary, Poland, and the Republic of Georgia. 

It was a really great conversation that covered tons of stuff about fertility. The first 15-20 minutes is Lyman’s fantastic retelling of what it was like to be in Hong Kong during protests, the pandemic, and the birth of his first child.

Follow Lyman Stone on twitter: https://twitter.com/lymanstoneky

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