The Dissident Right and Sexual Promiscuity

Following up on my three part deep dive into the Dissident Right, I want to highlight some tweets that show their approach to sexual behavior.

Here’s one from a well-known account Twitter called Current American Citizen:

Another Twitter user named Med Gold had this to say:

This received an endorsement from what I believe is the Telegram account of Bronze Age Pervert.

I’ve had some people argue that there’s more Christian influence in the Dissident Right than I think. And these did get some strong pushback in some quarters.

The key is that the mainstream of Dissident Right thinking, whatever their correct analysis on some issues, is largely not coming from a Christian perspective and holds key beliefs that are simply incompatible with Christianity. So if you read these folks you need to keep that in mind.

PS: @CurrentCitizen is trying to raise money to care for his sick mother. You can find out more at:

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