The Establishment Hates Families

Yesterday former democratic presidential candidate Kristen Gillibrand tweeted this awful tweet out about families. 

Her social media manager should probably be fired as this was a dumb thing to tweet out.  No one on Gillibrand’s team thought maybe this is a bad tweet? Or more troubling someone thought this was a good tweet. This tweet shows the mindset of many of the people in politics.

This is what we as Christian men are up against. A political establishment that thinks families are “tired.” The American dream was once to raise a family in a house with a white picket fence. Now it seems many believe the American dream is free daycare, so you can focus on your career.

To add to that nonsense, don’t forget what’s taught in public schools and daycares. Their curriculums are getting more and more inundated with Critical Race Theory and Gender Fluidity. It’s not just the left, there have been a few recent examples of the right doing something similar

It appears like the left is out to destroy families and have government schools and programs raise kids, so parents can have the “freedom” to climb up the corporate ladder. It can seem conspiratorial, but leftists have long tried to destroy the family. 

At The Masculinist we think it’s important to recover family life. Who will be at your deathbed? Do you want it to be some bureaucrat or would you rather be surrounded by people who love you?

This tweet is one of those cases where they’re saying the quiet part out loud.

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