The Proud Boys President is a Fed

Reuters recently published an article saying that Enrique Tarrio, leader of the men’s fraternal group the Proud Boys, is a “prolific” informer for law enforcement.

Whenever you see one of these controversial groups or events, it’s surprisingly common to see that federal agents were involved, sometimes at senior levels.

For example, the group who allegedly plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan had federal informants embedded.

Remember the Cliven Bundy related group involve in a standoff with federal agents? There were nine federal informants in the group.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, an FBI agent at the trial testified that some of the agents embedded with the group had been authorized to commit crimes as part of their work.

A lot of guys get interested in groups like these because they seem to be pushing back against some of the excesses of society.

But if they’ve captured your attention, they’ve probably also captured the attention of the government too.

It’s important for everybody to be cautious about the kinds of organizations and movements we get involved with. It’s surprisingly easy for people to get caught up into something that could carry them into situations they never thought they’d end up in. Just look at what happened at the Capitol on January 6th.

Whenever you see some new and edgy organization that you’re tempted to join, think twice and be very careful before getting involved.

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