Trust As A Commodity

Over the past year, our country and the world became more totalitarian. The pandemic has led to new laws and regulations that are unconstitutional. There is hope that the lockdowns and the restrictions on gatherings will be resolved in courts. But there’s no guarantee of a resolution that will overturn the restrictions.  Governors of many states have overstepped their authority and have imposed tyrannical laws.

The New Jersey governor arrested a Jewish congregation who was trying to worship. Tucker Carlson confronted him about this, and he responded that the constitution was above his paygrade. Our lawmakers are not concerned with protecting our freedoms and liberties.

At The Masculinist, we often talk about a negative Christian world. Newsletter #13, which brings up the idea, is our more referenced page; it’s one that Rod Dreher references. We know the culture has turned away from Christians to the point where being a Christian is negative. I’ve always assumed, perhaps naively, that normally would have led to soft cultural oppression. Where you’re ostracized and maybe have an awkward conversation with an HR representative. But with the overreach of the state this year, it’s worth realizing that the oppression could be far more reaching than just becoming an outcast.

Canada shows us exactly how bad it can get. 

The video is of a Polish pastor kicking the police out when they showed up during Easter weekend. And the picture below is more recent. Pastor Artur Pawlowski was literally arrested in the street for violating religious services laws.

Being a practicing Christian is headed down the path of not just being a weirdo but being a criminal. And if you’re going to be a criminal, then something you need to think about is who you can trust.

Trust Will Be Valuable

While the examples above are jarring and show institutional power being used against Christians, what really spawned this idea was the FBI Twitter account. The Twitter account lately posts wanted posters for people who entered The Capitol during the January 6th protest.

They’re expecting twitter users to turn in the protestors and trespassers.  And the sad thing is that’s happening

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about that is people are turning in family members who were at the protest. I find that disgusting. If you turn in someone in your family who went to the protest, walked inside the Capitol, took a picture, and walked out. That says more about you than that family member. You are more loyal to a political party and to political institutions than to your own family. I don’t support what happened at the protest, but let’s call a spade a spade.

The sad truth is there are many people out there who are not loyal to their friends and family. While the January 6th protest at The Capitol appears extreme, at least when concerning the media narrative. Most people there only committed the crime of trespassing. Trespassing is not that different from attending a worship service that violates a pandemic restriction.

In both cases you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be.

The January 6th protests narrative is bad. The media spun a bunch of boomers in costumes trespassing as a coup attempt. With a narrative like that, it’s understandable why family members would be inclined to turn each other in. However, narrative and media spin is all it takes for family members to begin betraying each other. That’s a low bar. It wouldn’t be that hard to spin “Going to church in a pandemic” as “Endangering the community and potential mass murder.” We’re already seeing that in Canada.

The point is we are entering a time when trust will be an important commodity. Begin thinking about who you can trust. Not just at work with who you hire or where you get hired, or with which friends you associate, but also with which family members are loyal to you. The evidence is coming in that many family members unfortunately are not to be trusted.

Run the thought experiment, “If I were at the January 6th protests would **Insert Name** notify the FBI?”

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