Utah Conservatives Who Hate the Family

Conservatives like to pose as defenders of the family. In fact, they are often outright enemies of the family.

We see that hostility to the family on display in a new Utah law that requires biological fathers to pay 50% of all medical expenses (including health insurance premiums) for women’s pregnancy costs.

There’s already an institution that unifies men and women in paying for pregnancy costs: marriage.

This law, like most of the family law regime promoted by Republicans, explicitly undermines marriage as an institution by creating an alternative framework that men are compelled to participate in.

Why marry the father of your child - and have to deal with all the messy compromises and negotiation marriage requires - when Republicans will hoover money out of his wallet and deposit it in your bank account no questions asked?

These same Republicans always ponderously warn about bad incentives not to work and moral hazard when it would involve, say, providing more assistance to the poor. But no concerns about that here. Or maybe, perhaps, they just aren’t the fans of marriage they’d like you to think they are.

It goes without saying that that fathers who are compelled to pay these bills have zero say in any decisions the mother makes.

In fact, this law also requires for fathers to pay for half of the cost of an abortion in some cases.

Make no mistake, if you are a man, a husband, a father, people like bill sponsor Brady Brammer and Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, both Republicans, are your enemies, not your friends.

This is hardly the only example of Republicans providing incentives to avoid or exit marriage. When Rick Scott was governor of Florida, for example, he vetoed legislation that would have established a presumption of joint custody in case of divorce and eliminated lifetime alimony.

I much prefer the honesty of people who openly state that they want to get rid of the family to these frauds.

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