What Will You See On Your Deathbed?

A few days ago on Twitter, I came across probably the most unsettling response to a tweet I’ve ever seen. It was about what you will see on your deathbed. The exchange happened between a father commenting about how much joy his family brought him and a young guy who thought he was just trying to cope with his life choices. Team father had a resounding victory.

If you don’t get it, the tweet is about your view from your deathbed. If you forego having a family to “live it up,” this is what you’ll see as you pass from this world. You’ll see medical equipment and be surrounded by medical staff that views you as a burden they have to deal with until their shift ends. 

This tweet was absolutely jarring to me. I’m about to get married this summer and start the adventure of building a family. This put everything into perspective. 

I have long been against the pick-up artist’s frame of mind, and even though I have written about the manosphere, I do not subscribe to their philosophies on marriage. Essentially don’t get married until you’re into your mid to late thirties after having had plenty of sex, if you should get married at all. As a Christian, there are obvious reasons why subscribing to their thoughts on marriage is problematic, but you can know that thinking is wrong on a gut level.

This image of the hospital room is that punch to the gut.

You’re going to die someday. The most terrifying thing every person will do is die. Do you want to die alone or surrounded by family? 

My favorite saint, Saint Joseph, is the patron saint of a happy death. He died with the virgin Mary and Jesus by his side. He died surrounded by love. We should aim to emulate his example.

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