Working Women and the GOP

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and the GOP thinks those lazy broads have had enough time off and need to get back to work.

The GOP here thinks it’s clever. Last week the Biden administration got less than stellar economic news, and the GOP is trying to pile on. However, they’ve managed to self-own themselves. They’ve worked themselves into the position of wanting to separate children from their mothers. Getting mothers back to work, because the “economy” is more important than the family.

The GOP is denigrating motherhood and putting children in poorly run government schools to own the libs. An anti-family movement is growing in the GOP; we’ve posted about that before.

I have a traditional Christian perspective. Because of that, I am admittedly more sympathetic to the Republican party. In the recent past, the GOP used to show lip service to the idea of “family values” or caring about families. But boy, is it hard to support the GOP when it puts out tweets like this. 

Neither major party supports families or wants to see families flourish. The GOP, which we thought would stand for these issues, has a strong current within it that’s more interested in owning libs than actually seeing this country succeed. 

Keep that in mind when supporting politicians or going to the voting booth.

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