What Does the Bible Say About Gender (with Alastair Robert)

I recently hosted a live discussion on YouTube with British theologian Alastair Roberts on the Bible and gender.

What does the Bible have to say about it? How should we approach reading scripture to gain an understanding of gender? We will discuss everything from creation to the genders of sacrificial animals to stories about husbands and wives to the New Testament household codes. Time permitting, we will also discuss the interaction of contemporary debates around gender and social class. And potentially ask Alastair to explain some “hard passages” of scripture.

Our full schedule of upcoming and past live interviews can be found here.

Alastair’s writings can be found at: https://alastairadversaria.com/

His podcasts, including daily reflections in scripture, can be found at: https://adversariapodcast.com/

He is also the co-author of Echos of Exodus.

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